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Leaders in Excellent Health and Safety Instruction

Welcome to Kore Training Health and Safety Training.
We take pride in our vast experience providing health and safety preparedness across multiple needs and industries.

At Kore Training, we believe high-quality training should be accessible to everyone, so we offer flexible training solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require in- person training or online courses, we have a

solution that will work for you.

Don’t leave the safety of your staff and customers to chance! Choose from our Kore Training courses below to ensure your organization is prepared for emergencies.

Kore Training

Kore Training

In collaboration with Life's Emergency Training, we offer CPR/First Aid programs that meet Ministry standards, endorsed by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (W.S.I.B) to ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based training. Plus, our diverse range of business health courses empowers teams to communicate effectively, support each other, and prioritize mental health in the workplace.

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Learn how to manage and act when the unthinkable happens. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR training, allows a participant a front-seat view of managing a compression scenario when someone goes unresponsive.  Kore Training's courses allow a rescuer the ability to practice hands-on compressions and lifesaving techniques. Separated into categories, students can select a rescue level appropriate to their skill set. All CPR levels can be added to any first aid course or taken independently. Each course has a one-year certificate unless it is a virtual knowledge course. From a knowledge demonstration (a non-certifiable course virtually) to a basic life support level- Kore Training allows customizable options better suited for industry-specific tasks.  Our program allows you to select the appropriate CPR level to add to your first aid or individually. CPR-C: This course covers cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including responding to breathing, airway and circulation emergencies for adults, children and infants. This course is ideal for people who want to be prepared for the unexpected. CPR-A: Have you taken your required workplace CPR-C but now need First Aid? This CPR-A course combined with First Aid is ideal for you. With a quick refresher on CPR, you leave this class with the credentials you need in all workplaces (where CPR-C is taken separately), or are you a stay-at-home parent, a caregiver, an older sibling, or a babysitter? And if you want to know what to do in an emergency situation, then this course is for you. At Kore Training, we are committed to providing flexible and comprehensive CPR training programs that equip participants with the skills and knowledge they need to respond confidently in emergency situations.

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Kore Training understands that team building exercises are essential for improving communication, trust, and collaboration among team members. We also recognize the importance of safety, first aid, and CPR training in promoting a safe and healthy work environment. That's why we offer team building exercises that incorporate safety, first aid, and CPR training to help organizations improve their team dynamics while also promoting safety and emergency preparedness. Here are some team building exercises that we offer at Kore Training: Emergency Response Simulation: In this exercise, teams are presented with a simulated emergency scenario and are required to respond to the situation using the skills they learned in their safety, first aid, and CPR training. This exercise helps teams to work together under pressure while also testing their emergency response skills. First Aid Relay Race: This is a fun and interactive exercise that tests teams' knowledge of first aid techniques. In this exercise, teams are required to complete a series of first aid tasks, such as bandaging a wound, performing CPR, or responding to a choking incident, in a relay race format. Safety Scavenger Hunt: This exercise involves teams searching for safety hazards in the workplace and identifying ways to mitigate these hazards. The exercise encourages communication, collaboration, and problem-solving while also promoting safety awareness. CPR and First Aid Challenge: In this exercise, teams compete against each other to see who can perform CPR and first aid techniques more accurately and quickly. The exercise helps to improve team communication and coordination while also reinforcing important life-saving skills. Mock Emergency Response: This exercise involves creating a mock emergency situation and testing teams' response skills. Teams must work together to assess the situation, identify the appropriate response, and execute the response plan. This exercise helps to promote teamwork and emergency preparedness. We can customize our team building exercises to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our experienced trainers will work with your team to ensure that they are engaged, motivated, and leave the training with a better understanding of how to work together effectively while also promoting safety and emergency preparedness.

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Team Building

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This interactive and engaging online course is a blend of our Babysitting and Home Alone course, so you can feel confident that your child is equipped to stay home alone with younger children.  Kore Training's Home Alone Training: is designed to equip children aged 9+ with the knowledge and skills to stay safe and confident while home alone. By choosing Kore Training, parents can ensure their children are prepared to handle the responsibilities of being home alone, fostering independence and peace of mind. Key Program Highlights include: - Personal Safety - Emergency Preparedness - Decision-Making Skills - Home Safety and Security - Communication and Conflict Resolution - Internet and Digital Safety Kore Training's Babysitting: Kore Training's Babysitting Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip students aged 10-17 years, with the essential knowledge and skills to provide safe and responsible childcare. It prepares participants to handle various situations, create engaging activities, and ensure the well-being of children under their care, including: - Child Safety and First Aid - Age-Appropriate Care and Development - Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution - Safe Play and Activity Planning - Nutrition and Healthy Eating - Building Positive Relationships - Business and Professionalism Upon completing the Babysitting Training program, participants receive a certification demonstrating their competence and commitment to providing responsible childcare. By choosing Kore Training, parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are well-prepared and equipped to handle various situations and make safe choices.


Babysitting & Home Alone Combo

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Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Barry Hillier,

eQuo - 5 Star Google Review

"I was running a small business for many years and I didn't realize the Health and Safety obligations I had as an employer. Kore Training was great because they not only were able to help me understand the applicable laws, but they created full training programs for my staff. It was really well run and now my team is confident to handle any situation."

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Giancarlo Sessa,
BladeAir - 5 Star Google Review

"10/10!! We used Kore Training to facilitate our CPR and First Aid course for our management team. The training was fantastic! Very insightful and excellent instructors who made learning fun and exciting. I will be using them again."

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Paul & Sandy Michel,
Valvoline Express Care Carwash Central Neerlandais - 5 Star Google Review

"Kayla at Kore Training is an outstanding Instructor in both CPR and First Aid. We own a construction company and a quick lube and our staff absolutely love her. Before we found Kayla, renewing our CPR and First Aid was a chore but now we look forward to it. Her teaching style is very unique in that she teaches us without us realizing that we’re being taught. She has a wonderful sense of humour and she puts everyone at ease and into the right frame of mind to learn all of the very important life-saving skills required to renew our certificates. We highly recommend Kayla and Kore Training."

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Marc Beer
- 5 Star Google Review 

"Cal made the course interesting, even after taking the course 10+ times over the years through different companies. You can tell he likes to teach the course, it comes across with his energy, and ability to connect with the students in the course."

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Nancy Crooks

Lynwood Nursery - 5 Star Review 

"Kayla and her team of professionals are the absolute best. They arrive for every session with all the necessary equipment, well sanitized, and ready for training. Kayla has an amazing way of melding her own professionalism with real life stories from her own days as a paramedic. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to put into practice my own first aider skills when needed. Thank you Kayla, You have a wonderful gift "

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying:
Real Reviews, Real Results with Kore Training!

Jessica Buckler
- 5 Star Review 

"Just finished first aid training with Kore Training with Kayla and it was an amazing experience! Highly recommend using them for your training!"


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Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals Certification

"We took the BLS CPR & AED course-- everyone loved the online option as it gave us a "refresher" before the hands-on in-class part.  We will use Kore Training again and highly recommend it to others."

 Chrissy Hurst,

Nobleton Dental Clinic

"My kids did the Home Alone and the Babysitting courses with Kore Training, and we couldn't be happier! Their courses were well thought out and taught engagingly to make their learning the most meaningful and lasting it can be! "

Cheri Walpole

“ Our trainer was great, we really enjoyed the course. He was very enthusiastic, funny and informative. 10 out of 10.”

Chad Campbell, Foodland

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